Monday, 20 February 2012

Second Bread club day

Had the second of our bread club 'lessons' today. We all made a Walk Mill 100% wholemeal tin loaf and one made rolls instead.
Hot Cross Buns next time - hurray!

Monday, 6 February 2012

First day of the Bread Club!

Snow didn't stop play and 6 of us gathered to learn, share, chat and laugh at the Bread Club.The club is a trial to see how things go, and maybe iron out any 'problems' before holding the bread club in our future hub in Macclesfield.
We were a mixture of people, some of us having made bread before and others not.
We made a Walkmill White tin loaf - using local flour (hence the name Walkmill white)and fresh yeast.
The idea was to give the dough time to taste, by that I mean a 'sponge' was made the night before and then the rest of the ingredients were added the next morning. This method needs time- like kids do! rather than effort to achieve flavour. Why make loaf hard when it can be easy!

If there is room and you want to join us just shout up.......................!