Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Flyer

Food 4 Thought

A community enterprise in Macclesfield

Our Vision

·  Cafe = Serving locally sourced seasonal food

·  Bakery = Producing real bread and homemade cakes

         · Food = Retail of high quality produce from trusted local suppliers

· Learning = Education  and  training about food and sustainability issues

We’re so lucky in Macclesfield to be surrounded by beautiful countryside, but what happens to the crops and animals that we see growing in the fields?  We are a group who are passionate about getting the local harvest onto local plates and helping Maxonians feel reconnected with the land and the food it produces.

We want to make it easy for YOU to get away from the bland food offered by supermarkets and see what Cheshire and surrounding areas can offer. We will not compromise on quality and will ensure that prices are fair to both consumers and producers.

Please get in touch with your ideas and help us turn our vision into reality

 Ideas to get the ball rolling!

· Soup n Roll— Rocking in your town!

· Pop-up Bakery—Popping up around Macc!

Mini Foodfest—local food in a local venue!

Blog  us what you think !

This is the content of our flyer

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