Friday, 7 October 2011

First day out with the flyers!

Today we were in Macclesfield town centre handing out freshly pressed Macc apple juice(using local apples picked from trees in and around Macc) and foodie samples made from local flour, homegrown veg and local veg from Cuttlefords.

The feedback was really positive about having a food hub in Macclesfield - hurray!
No we are not handing out wine and chocolates it's food samples and apple juice - honestly!
A happy customer I'd say and all for free!


  1. This whole idea is fantastic.

    If your cooking classes and shop include vegan options, I shall be there like a shot! I'll be telling people about them anyway, of course.

  2. Was just thinking that I assume you've links to the Incredible Edibles programme. We were just at a restaurant in York which labels each meal with the percentage of ingredients sourced locally, which was really interesting.

  3. We hope to state where all the produce comes from, and use as much local as is possible.

  4. I love that idea Karen! Were the percentages included on the menu? I wonder how they define "local" at the restaurant in York. I'd say that anything within about 40-50 miles is local, although obviuosly the closer the better!